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MST30719 Course Brochure

LDCT Laundry, Dry Cleaning Training, have developed a training program for the Dry Cleaning industry.

The training is suitable for all dry cleaners eg; valets, packaged plants, mixed laundry and dry cleaners, industry’s utilising the use of dry cleaning equipment, draper cleaning and pressing services.

MST30719 Certificate III in Dry Cleaning Operations is designed for all areas of dry cleaning operations from managers, supervisors, operators, to customer service staff.

Includes the safe handling of solvents competency as required by Workcover for the safe handling of dry cleaning chemicals and solvents.

A combination of 8 core competencies and 11 elective competencies as listed below for the different areas of the dry cleaning plant.

Government funding may be available subject to eligibility

Core Units

MSMSUP102         Communicate in the workplace

MSMWHS200        Work safely

MSTDC2009          Identify fabric and garment cleaning requirements

MSTGN2013          Identify fibres, fabrics and textile used in the TCF Industry

MSTDC2003          Identify pre- and post-spotting requirements

MSTDC2004          Operate dry cleaning machines

MSS402051           Apply quality standards

MSMENV272         Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 

Elective Units

MSTGN2003          Work in the TCF Industry

MSTDC2007          Receive and sort articles for cleaning

MSTDC2001          Provide customer service in a dry cleaning or laundry enterprise

MSTDC3001          Perform spotting function in dry cleaning operations

MSTDC2005          Operate wet cleaning machines

MSTDC2006          Operate finishing equipment

MSTCL2006          Press work

MSTGN3002         Organise and plan own work to achieve planned outcomes

MSTDC3002          Dry clean garments with special treatment requirements

MSTDC2002          Conduct safe handling of dry cleaning chemicals and solvents

MSTGN3001          Control production in a section of a TCF enterprise 

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